Various legends exist about the initial discovery of Maple Syrup.
Northeasterners learned the art of surgaring from the Native Americans
more than 300 years ago.  


Today, most maple producers have forgone the traditional metal sap bucket in favor of tubing systems to collect sap from their sugar bush.  Come see how it all happens at Ma & Pa's during their annual Maple Syrup Gathering two weekends in March.

Check with Ma for the dates.  Pa hitches up the horses again and takes
you deep into the woods through the sugarbush to collect the sweet
stuff and brings it back to the sugar shack to demonstrate how it is
all done.  Then sample some Maple Coffee and Maple Candy and various
other maple treats in the log cabin.  There is no charge for the tour
and small buckets are provided for the children.  The sweetest season
of the year at Ma & Pa's!  To find out more information about the
maple tours please call the store at:


(440) 548-5521